Quality Use of Pathology Program - Program Guidelines

Quality Use of Pathology Program - Program Guidelines - Appraisal

Page last updated: 18 June 2012


Appraisal process

The current funding round will be assessed as an open and competitive process.

Those applications which do not satisfy the eligibility criteria may not be assessed
(see Part 2, Eligibility).

Based on the information provided, the Department will undertake an evaluation of eligible applications against the appraisal criteria outlined below. The Quality Use of Pathology Committee will provide technical advice to the Department to consider as part of its assessment of funding applications.

Appraisal criteria

Applicants must meet all mandatory criteria to advance in the assessment process
(See ITA Part C and Part D).
  • Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:
  • Applications will only be considered from eligible organisations
  • All of the sections in the application must be completed
  • Applications are to be signed/ authorised by an appropriate officer/ delegate
  • Applications should align with the Quality Use of Pathology objectives and priorities
  • Applications need to indicate whether the project is dependent on/ linked to/ aware of other project activity relevant to the Program Objectives
Application should show that the project will be achieved in the identified timeframe.

Applications should clearly demonstrate all of the following criteria:
  • Need - the proposed project addresses need /s within the organisation, in the local community, and /or nationally, and has the capacity to complement and /or add value to pathology services, activities, resources and /or consumers. The applicant should also demonstrate the benefits to stakeholders and the capacity for the project to complement and /or add value to other pathology services, activities (including other Department of Health and Ageing quality and safety initiatives and /or national health priorities), resources and /or consumers. (Total weighting 33%)
  • Ability - the ability to have the proposed project completed to a high standard within the timeframe and budget. (Total weighting 53%)
  • Sustainability - that the proposed project outcomes are sustainable and can be continued after the funding is expended. (Total weighting 10%)
  • Dissemination - how outcomes and learnings from the proposed project will be shared with stakeholders to ensure the pathology community learns from the project and outputs are embedded and taken up. (Total weighting 4%)
Applications should clearly demonstrate that the project provides value for money. Value for money includes:
  • Economy - careful use of resources to save expense, time or effort.
  • Efficiency - delivering the same level of service for less cost, time or effort.
  • Effectiveness - delivering a better service or getting a better return for the same amount of expense, time or effort.