Quality Use of Pathology Program - Program Guidelines

Quality Use of Pathology Program - Program Guidelines - Conditions of Funding

Page last updated: 18 June 2012

Conditions of Funding

Contracting arrangements

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a funding agreement with the Commonwealth (represented by the Department).

A template of the standard agreement is available on the Department’s website.

The Department will work with successful applicants with the aim of having funding agreements signed within six weeks of the approval.

The Department’s standard funding agreement will be used. In exceptional circumstances, changes to the standard funding agreement may be considered.

Specific conditions

There may be specific conditions attached to the funding approval required as a result of the appraisal process or imposed by the Approver. These will be identified in the offer of funding or during funding agreement negotiations.

Payment arrangements

Payments will be made on achievement of agreed milestones.

Before any payment can be made, funding recipients will be required to provide:
  • a tax invoice for the amount of the payment; and
  • evidence of meeting the obligations of the funding agreement.
Where payments are linked to the achievement of specific milestones, payments will only be made after the Department is satisfied that those milestones and associated obligations of the funding agreement have been met.

Surplus (for example: unexpended and uncommitted) funding identified through audit processes at the end of an agreement must be returned to the Commonwealth.

Reporting requirements

Funding recipients will be required to provide progress reports on the agreed milestones. These progress reports may include funding acquittal requirements. The timing and specific type of progress reports will be negotiated and form part of the funding agreement and schedule (refer to –Clause 2.3 Reports, Terms and Conditions, Standard Funding Agreement).


The applicant will be required to provide a detailed budget as part of a project plan to be incorporated into the funding agreement.


Applicants are advised to carefully consider the likely taxation treatment of any funding provided by the Australian Government as part of the QUPP.

For some general guidance on the taxation treatment of grants and funding from the Commonwealth, applicants may wish to refer to the Australian Tax Office website. However, applicants are advised to seek independent advice from a taxation professional on how funding paid to you (or to any entity you propose to establish to receive funding) under the QUPP would be treated for tax purposes.


All Applicants should ensure that they have in place, or if successful are able to obtain, sufficient insurance to comply with the requirements for insurance specified below.
  • Workers Compensation to an amount required by law;
  • $10 million Public Liability; and
  • $10 million Professional Indemnity.
A Deed for Project Funding with a successful Applicant will not be executed until the required insurances have been obtained and copies of certificates of currency for the required insurances provided to the Department.


The funding recipient will be required to actively manage the delivery of the project. The Department will monitor progress against the funding agreement through assessment of progress reports and appropriate correspondence.


An evaluation by the Department will determine how the funding contributed to the objectives of the program. Funding recipients will be required to provide information to assist in this evaluation for a period of time, as stipulated in the funding agreement, after funding has been provided.


The funding recipient must acknowledge the funding provided for the project in a form approved by the Department.

If an application for funding is successful, the Applicant acknowledges and agrees:
  • that a description of the project, the amount of the funding and name of the Applicant's organisation may be:
    • included in the Department’s reporting on the internet in line with the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines and Senate Orders;
    • used by the Commonwealth in media releases and other publications (such as Annual Reports); and/or
    • used to compile a consolidated report.
  • that it will be required to provide proof that it has sufficient insurance cover to conduct the proposed activities specified in the proposal; and
  • that the funding will be provided in accordance with the terms of the Department of Health and Ageing's Deed for Project Funding and the Applicant agrees to abide by the terms of that Agreement.