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This report published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 22, No 12, 26 November 1998 contains information on the Measles Control Campaign.

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During the three month period of the Campaign, the uptake of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine given at primary school clinics and the number of adverse events following MMR vaccination are being monitored. Data are forwarded to the National Centre for Disease Control for collation and publication in CDI.

Measles Control Campaign activity data, cumulative to 25 November 19981

Sum total students 1,655,222
Total forms returned
Consents to vaccinate
Total students immunised

Percentages are:

Of total students 93% returned their forms
Of total forms returned 85% consented to vaccination
Of total consents to vaccination 94% have been vaccinated
Of total students 74% have been vaccinated

Adverse events

Faints/syncopy 18
Syncopal fits 19
Anaphylaxis 5
Hyperventilation 3
Rash 3
Local allergic reaction 2
Severe immediate local reaction 1
Rash/lymphadenopathy/arthritis 1
Arthropathy 1
Fever/headache 1
Fever/rash/headache/lymphadenopathy 1
Rash/fever/lymphadenopathy 1
Anxiety 1
Lymphadenopathy 1
Myalgia/lymphadenopathy/headache/stiff neck/rash 1
Immediate acute unilateral parotitis 1
Fit 1

1. These figures do not include mop up. During mop up campaigns 10,238 children were vaccinated therefore increasing the number of children immunised to 1,235,487. In addition, to date 46,913 children have been vaccinated by GPs or other providers.

Enquiries can be directed to Sue Campbell-Lloyd, National Manager of the Measles Control Campaign, Sydney Office, Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, PO Box 9848, Sydney 2000, phone (02) 9263 3990, E-mail:

This article was published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 22, No 12, 26 November 1998.

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