Measles Control Campaign update

This article published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 22, No 9, 3 September 1998 provides an update on the Measles Control Campaign.

Page last updated: 15 September 1998

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During the three month period of the Campaign, the uptake of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine given at primary school clinics and the number of adverse events following MMR vaccination are being monitored. Data are forwarded to the National Centre for Disease Control for collation and will be a major element in the evaluation of the Campaign.

School immunisation teams collect data on the following variables:
  • total enrolments per year/grade for each primary school;
  • total number of consent forms returned per year/grade;
  • total number of consents given for vaccination at school; and
  • total number of children vaccinated at school clinics.
Communicable Diseases Intelligence will routinely report on the progress of the proportion of children enrolled in primary schools by State/ Territory who:
  • return consent forms;
  • consent to be vaccinated; and
  • are vaccinated at school
during the Campaign.

It should be noted that the lag period from the time of vaccination to central data entry varies between States and Territories. Further, figures do not include all children who are vaccinated at venues and times alternate to the scheduled school based clinics. These data will however be collected as part of the overall evaluation of the Campaign.

Any serious adverse events after vaccination occurring during the Campaign are being assessed by a panel of experts who meet once a week.

Measles Control Campaign activity data, to 26 August 1998

Sum total students 248,714
Total forms returned 232,335
Consents to vaccinate 195,729
Total students immunised 183,788
Percentages are as follows:
Of total students 93% returned their forms
Of total forms returned 84% consent to vaccination
Of total consents to vaccination 94% have been vaccinated
Of total students 74% vaccinated
Adverse events
Anaphylaxis 3
Syncopal fits 2
Faints 2
Hyperventilation 1
Local reactions 2
Arthritis with fever 1

Enquiries can be directed to Sue Campbell-Lloyd, National Manager of the Measles Control Campaign, Sydney Office, Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services.

This article was published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 22, No 9, 3 September 1998.

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