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This report published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 29, Number 3, contains brief reports of disease outbreaks in countries other than Australia. Reports are derived from the World Health Organization Disease Otubreak News website.

Page last updated: 09 July 1998

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Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Enterovirus in Taiwan, China

Enterovirus 71 has been reported as the cause of the enterovirus outbreak in Taiwan, China. Autopsy revealed the presence of enterovirus 71 in the spinal cord and medulla of a fatal case. As of 17 June 1998, the outbreak had claimed 41 lives among infants and children. Health authorities estimate that up to 300,000 infants and children may have been infected with the virus throughout the island. An increased number of children have been hospitalised with aseptic meningitis or encephalitis. Of those hospitalised many had a febrile illness for 2 - 4 days before sudden deterioration and death within 12 - 24 hours.

As there is no vaccine for the virus, the health authorities recommend that parents keep their children away from public places and make sure they wash their hands often to reduce the risk of infection.

Cholera in United Republic of Tanzania

Following the breakdown of the main waterpipe in Dar es Salaam, Kinondoni district, a high number of cholera cases was reported in May. More than 1,000 cases occurred in a single week. Tanzania, where cholera is endemic, has been suffering from a major cholera outbreak since last year. In 1997, a total of 40,249 cases and 2,231 deaths were officially reported to the WHO. This year to 7 June, 11,512 cases and 321 deaths have been registered.

This report was published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Vol 22 No 7, 9 July 1998.

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