Medical Benefits Reviews Task Group

The Australian Government announced in the 2009-10 Budget that it would fund the development of a new evidence-based framework for managing the MBS into the future (the MBS Quality Framework) and carry out parallel reviews of Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology.

Page last updated: 14 October 2015

The Medical Benefits Review Task Group (MBRTG) was formed specifically to undertake the development work on the MBS Quality Framework and carry out the Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology reviews. This work was completed in early 2011 and informed a range of Government announcements in the context of the 2011-12 Budget. They include the Comprehensive Management Framework for the MBS, a five-year Pathology Funding Agreement between the Government and the pathology sector from 1 July 2011 and a Diagnostic Imaging Reform Package that includes $104.4 million to improve patient access to Medicare-eligible magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services.

The MBRTG will wind up on 30 June 2011. Key documents and information that were developed and circulated to inform discussion on the MBS Quality Framework and the two reviews will be retained on this site until 30 June 2011.

During the life of the MBRTG, three teams worked on the development of the MBS Quality Framework – the precursor to the Comprehensive Management Framework for the MBS; the Pathology Services Review; and the Diagnostic Imaging Review. Information has been grouped accordingly: