The Framework is structured in three parts, with the first part of the Framework focusing on interventions for reducing adverse events that address the key areas of prevention, risk-reduction and system learning.

The second part of the Framework focuses on the processes of prescribing, dispensing and administration of medication. The final part of the Framework focuses on the adverse medication event itself.

It is recognised that there is some overlapping of content within the Framework, as the functions described in the structured sections are not mutually exclusive.

For the purposes of the Framework it was agreed that all RAMEMHWP definitions must be consistent with the national definitions as outlined on the ACSQHC website.

In light of this an adverse event is defined as:

"An incident in which harm* resulted to a person using health care."

The RAMEMHWP has defined an adverse medication event as:

"An incident involving medication prescribing, dispensing or administration in which harm* resulted to the person receiving the health care."

The RAMEMHWP particularly notes that further work needs to be undertaken to ensure consistency in definition for the threshold of adverse medication events and for consistency in reporting.


* Where "harm" may include psychological as well as the more common physical manifestations.