Australian National Diabetes Information Audit & Benchmarking (ANDIAB) 2011 Final Report

Methodology & Data Verification Issues in 2011

Comments on the methodology used and issues occurring in this year's study

Page last updated: December 2011

This year [as in previous ANDIAB collections], Age, {which was previously calculated as an integer [year of survey minus year of birth]}, was calculated in days [full date of survey minus full date of birth] and thence converted to years by dividing by 365.25. In the Final Report - Pooled Data (December 2011) [Appendix 7], 1998 & 1999 Age data were recalculated in line with year 2011 survey methodology for the purposes of direct comparison.

It should be noted that duration of diabetes was calculated from a ‘Year of Diagnosis’ field. As noted in section 2.7 [and as in 1999 onwards], we have grouped those diagnosed in 2010 or 2011 in a ≤ 18 months duration category. The calculations differ from 1998, where “…if this year was 1998 (the year of the survey) then the duration was 1998-1998=0 years, and if 1997 was 1998-1997=1 year. As the project was conducted mid-year [May/June 2011], duration of diabetes was calculated as: [2011 minus stated ‘Year of Diagnosis’]. The resulting integer would be 0 if diagnosed in 2011, and 1 if diagnosed in 2010 [and in fact a maximum of 18 months – 1 Jan ’10 diagnosis to 30 Jun ’11 survey]. Duration 18 months-5 years is thus a minimum 18 months {Dec ’09 diagnosis to Jun ’11 survey} to 5 years [2006-2011].

This has relevance for comparing and interpreting data using diabetes duration calculations [Tables 19 & 20 (pp 25-26) 1998] and [Tables 18 & 21 (pp 26 & 28) 2011]. Direct comparisons can be made with 1999 through to 2011 data, which used the same methodology.

In the Renal Failure and Erectile Dysfunction Fields, where there was a Yes recorded for both fields ‘developed in the past 12 months’ and ‘developed prior to the last 12 months’ [which is clearly not possible], the assumption was made that this Complication/Event had developed prior to the last 12 months [and was thus still present]. In these instances, the ‘Yes’ values in the field ‘developed in the past 12 months’ were ignored when calculating prevalence [See Table 7[a] in section 2.3].

Instances of reported Blindness and Renal Failure were verified with sites wherever the Visual Acuity data or Serum Creatinine respectively did not appear to match these diagnoses.

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