Australian National Diabetes Information Audit & Benchmarking (ANDIAB) 2011 Final Report

2.6 Questionnaire Results

Shows findings from the questionnaires on the opinion of individuals on the project

Page last updated: December 2011

Table 17 details the results of assessment of the Lickert Scale responses from participants to the specific questions related to the data collection project [Appendix 2]. Details remain similar to data in previous years [which appear in Appendix 7].

  • Questionnaire 1 relates to the data collection process;
  • A second Questionnaire relates to comments on the Individual Site and Doctor Reports. [This was sent in 2011 but responses not collated at the time of preparation of this report].
Free text responses to questions and to other items will be reviewed individually, and utilised to refine the data collection instrument and reporting process, and will thus assist in running future data collections and providing appropriate feedback to participants.

Table 17 - Questionnaire 1 Responses

Questionnaire 1 [Re Data Collection Process]
[ n = 18 ]
Lickert Scale {1[Poor]-5[Good]} 3=Midpoint
Mean (SD)
Information Package/Letters
3.9 1.0
Data Definitions Form
3.9 1.1
Format (layout of data items)
3.5 1.1
Ease of completion
3.1 1.3
Time to complete the Form
2.6 1.5
The results in Table 17, from 18 respondents, show that there was general approval of the ‘Process’ including the information provided, data definitions form and overall format. These findings are similar to previous ANDIAB collections, and encouraging given that some of the participating sites in 2011 were ‘new’ or had not participated for some time. Clearly, [also as in previous years], the ease and particularly time to complete the ANDIAB audit form are of concern to participants. As discussed elsewhere, provision of data from existing databases obviates these issues – but creates issues/difficulties of its own - See:
  • Executive Summary Notes [1] and [2] [pages C], re Missing and Grouped data;
  • Note under Table 7b[1] [section 2.3], re Yes/No data;

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