Australian National Diabetes Information Audit & Benchmarking (ANDIAB) 2011 Final Report

1.7 Site Data Reports

Describes how the data was analysed for each site or individual

Page last updated: December 2011

Pooled data analysis addressed the process and outcome findings for all data fields, to enable individuals/sites to compare and benchmark their practice findings against other participating individuals/sites. These reports were generated for each site and doctor [when requested], providing them with comparison data for their site / practice versus all other sites. These were generated for all Adult Forms sites and the specialist endocrinologists in private practice combined, (and excluding the Paediatric Forms data, and just for Paediatric data for the Paediatric sites) [N/A in 2011]. Each doctor with over 8 patient’s data received a report.

These reports included:

  • 4 to 6 year Comparative Data [for sites to compare results to those from previous year(s) participation] :
  • A Patient Outcomes Summary report, plus a Your site versus all others comparison;
  • A Missing Data Analysis report; and
  • A Frequency Counts report.
  • Summary Data:
  • A 3-page ‘Guidelines’ Report;
    *based on the NSW Clinical Management Guidelines for Diabetes12, modified with additional NHMRC Type 2 Diabetes Guidelines Targets where relevant.
  • Outcome measurements :
  • Frequency Counts Data;
  • Mean Descriptive Results and Outcome Data.
  • Process assessment :
  • Missing Data [presented in both tabular and graphical formats].
In response to feedback requests dating back to 1999, as in other subsequent years, each section also contains a worked example explanatory page. In instances where individual doctors were identified within a Diabetes Centre site, their individual doctor report included a comparison of their data versus all other sites, including the remainder of their site minus their data (here- zero missing) [see Figure 2 – Data for Adult Sites only]. In addition, the diamond [] represents the Total Missing result for Adult data only, & the dot [•] represents the Total Missing for Adult and Paediatric [ie All sites] data.

Figure 2 [Example of Individual Doctor – Adult Sites only Missing Data Report Graph]

Graphical presentation of Example of Individual Doctor – Adult Sites only Missing Data Report

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