Australian National Diabetes Information Audit & Benchmarking (ANDIAB) 2011 Final Report

1.3 ANDIAB Coordination

Describes how the study was organised and coordinated by NADC

Page last updated: December 2011

The NADC Secretariat coordinated ANDIAB, which was conducted in a ‘double blind’ fashion, [See Figure 1 below]. Diabetes Centres and specialist endocrinologists in private practice were invited to complete the one-page data collection forms during the month of May [or at some sites, June] 2011. Centres with computerised databases or those with paper form collection of the dataset [or the majority thereof], could choose to provide the data electronically. Centres or individual specialists, who wished to participate, responded to the formal invitation distributed by the NADC Secretariat to all Diabetes Centre members of the NADC. All subsequent contact and correspondence with participants was conducted through the Secretariat.

The Secretariat allocated a unique code to each Diabetes Centre and participating specialist endocrinologist using a predetermined proforma, and held the only copy of the code. Sites who have participated previously used the code previously allocated. The Central Data Analysis Site generated ‘Master Copies’ of forms uniquely numbered for each site and/or doctor, and sent them to the NADC Secretariat, which forwarded them to each site where copies were made.

The major Project Milestones are summarised in Table 1 and superscript numbers reference Figure 1 Project components.

Table 1 – ANDIAB Project Milestones*

  • Revise ANDIAB Dataset0;
  • Initial call for expressions of interest, January 20111;
  • Formal invitations received, collation of site acceptances February 2011 - March 20112;
  • Allocation of site codes, March 20113, 4;
  • Generation and distribution of Data Collection Forms, April 20115, 6;
  • Data collection, May - June 20117, 8;
  • ANDIAB assessment: Post Data Collection Questionnaire9, 12;
  • Data received from ANDIAB Software sites June 2011 - July 20118;
  • Data entry and validation July 2011 – September 2011;
  • Missing Data reports forwarded to sites July 2011 – September 201110, 11;
  • Integration of returned missing data September 201112, 13;
  • Final Data Analysis October 2011;
  • Draft Pooled Data Report October 2011;
  • Final Site/Doctor Data Analysis Reports forwarded to sites November 2011;
  • Final Pooled Data Report December 2011;
  • ANDIAB assessment: Site Report Assessment Questionnaire14, 15.

*: See also Figure 1

Figure 1 Flowchart of ANDIAB project showing milestones and project components

This is a visual representation of the ANDIAB project plan, outling the sequence of key activities to be performed and the order (with time frames) they will be performed in.

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