Australian National Diabetes Information Audit & Benchmarking (ANDIAB) 2011 Final Report

1.1 The Dataset

Defines the dataset used in the study

Page last updated: December 2011

The NDOQRIN diabetes dataset has considerable compatibility with similar international datasets including the DiabCare dataset. The NDOQRIN dataset was enhanced and used as the basis of this national initiative, aimed at improving diabetes care through a structured approach to patient management. This was achieved by linking the minimum dataset to the NSW Clinical Management Guidelines for Diabetes12, thence enhanced over the years. This minimum dataset is suitable for use in primary care [where it is known as the ‘Recommended GP Subset of the NDOQRIN Dataset’], Specialist practice and Diabetes Centre settings. It has been developed in a scannable format (see below [The Software]) as a single page with required written data kept to a minimum, most fields being yes/no or other choice options.

For the 2009 collection, after suggestions from the Diabetes Centres and specialists who have participated previously were considered, as well as experience from the 2006 Diabetes Collaborative Project, six new data elements were added to the survey data collection form and several were removed from the 2006 form. The 2009 dataset was used in 2011 with the addition of just two new fields related to eGFR [see What’s New? (E) above for more detail]:

[1] addition of eGFR>60 {Yes/No}; and
[2] addition of eGFR Result.

The separate Paediatric/Adolescent form designed specifically for patients with diabetes who were aged eighteen years or less, was not used (since there were no Paediatric Sites participants and thus no Paediatric data collected in 2011).

The scannable form is one page in length.

Definitions for each data field, including all valid field types, were printed on the reverse side of the forms, [Appendix 1 Copy of Forms]. The data dictionary [indicating field type, size and transfer protocol requirements], was updated with the above changes and made available to sites contemplating electronic data transfer from in-house databases, (available on request to the NADC Secretariat).

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