Quality framework for telephone counselling and internet-based support services

Quality area 3: Staff

Page last updated: September 2008

Quality statement

Staff are valued within the organisation and demonstrate competence relevant to the organisation's objectives.

Quality statement guidelines

3.1 Delivery of services will be provided by skilled, trained and resourced staff with relevant qualifications where appropriate.

3.1.1 Organisations will have a policy for staff training, experience and development to ensure a competent service is delivered.
3.2 Staff will be required to operate ethically and adhere to a defined code of conduct.

3.2.1 Organisations have policies and processes to ensure that staffs operate within organisational codes of conduct and in accordance with organisational aims and objectives.

3.2.2 Organisations will provide staff with an orientation package, including policy documents. Staff will have access to these at all times, know and understand them and use them in their daily work.

3.3 Organisations will demonstrate commitment to recruitment, development and retention of competent anment and retention of appropriately skilled staff.

3.3.1 The organisation will have comprehensive human resources policies and practices that incorporate attraction, recruitment, induction processes, ongoing professional development and retention of appropriately skilled staff.

3.3.2 Organisations will demonstrate commitment to equity within their employment programs.

3.4 Staff support structures will include access to supervision, work appraisals, mentoring and ongoing professional development.
3.4.1 Organisations will ensure staffs have access to staff support structures.
Top of page 3.5 Staff will have and understand clearly defined roles and responsibilities against which their work performance is regularly appraised and developed.

3.5.1 Organisations will ensure that each staff member has a clearly defined position description and duty statement, and regular performance reviews.
3.6 The organisation will promote and demonstrate a commitment to equity and diversity within the workplace.

3.6.1 Clear policy statements will outline equity and diversity commitments and how staff may demonstrate their commitment to them.
3.7 Staff will be represented and consulted regarding any organisational change.

3.7.1 Organisations will have documented practices in place to ensure staff representation and consultation in organisational planning and development.
3.8 Organisations will design and document appropriate staff grievance procedures.