Quality framework for telephone counselling and internet-based support services

Quality area 5: Leadership, innovation and governance

Page last updated: September 2008

Quality statement

Organisations will apply good governance practices and support leadership and innovation in response to the changing needs of service users, stakeholders and the broader community.

Quality statement guidelines

5.1 Organisations will engage in activities that promote acceptance of its client group within the broader community, to help reduce stigma associated with mental illness and improve mental health and well being.

5.1.1 The leadership will promote, both internally and externally, the philosophy of the organisation to reflect the needs of its client group.
5.2 Planning, implementation and review of strategic directions will include internal and external stakeholders.

5.2.1 Strategic planning processes are clearly documented and communicated throughout the organisation.

5.2.2 Management will seek input from clients and carers as a part of its planning, in a manner that fits the service delivery environment of the organisation.

5.3 Organisational culture and practices will be consistent with continuing improvement and accountable to evidence based practice and stakeholder feedback.

5.3.1 Leadership will ensure that systems are in place to enable the organisation to be responsive to external developments.
5.4 Effective communication systems will enable internal and external stakeholder reporting.

5.4.1 Leadership will ensure that effective communications systems are in place and used.
Top of page5.5 Processes will identify and respond to changing external factors.

5.5.1 Leadership will keep abreast of the relevant evidence base, service delivery, external stakeholder feedback and changes in the external environment.
5.6 Organisations will have a service delivery evaluation strategy and demonstrate commitment to act on the results of evaluation.

5.6.1 Leadership implements regular monitoring and evaluation that links into organisations' planning processes.
5.7 Organisations will have governance structures appropriate to their size and service delivery.

5.8 Organisations will collect, examine and respond to performance data with respect to meeting strategic directions

5.9 Organisations will have structures and procedures to support compliance with relevant legislation and financial obligations, including good accounting and risk-management strategies.