Pathways of recovery: 4As framework for preventing further episodes of mental illness

Principles underpinning the framework

Page last updated: 2006

There are a number of principles that underpin the Framework and apply across the 4As. These principles derive from the National Mental Health Plan 2003-20087 and are:

  • All people in need of mental health care should have access to timely and effective services, irrespective of where they live.

  • The rights of consumers, and their families and carers, must shape reform.

  • Mental health care should be responsive to the continuing and differing needs of consumers, families and carers, and communities.

  • The quality and safety of mental health care must be ensured.

  • A recovery orientation should drive service delivery.

  • Investment in the workforce is essential.

  • Innovation must be strongly encouraged and supported.

  • Sustainability of effective interventions must be ensured.

  • Resources for mental health must recognise the impact of mental health problems and mental illness.

  • Mental health reforms must occur in concert with other developments in the broader health sector.

  • Mental health reforms require a whole-of-government approach.
The Framework is also informed by other current major initiatives of the Australian Government and should be read in conjunction with these. These include: Many jurisdictions have also developed or are developing policy initiatives that are relevant to improving continuing care for people with mental illness.