The Framework has been developed by the National Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Working Party (PPWP), which is auspiced by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council National Mental Health Working Group and the National Public Health Partnership Group. It comprises part of PPWP's work plan arising from the National Action Plan for Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention for Mental Health (2000) and National Mental Health Plan 2003-2008.

The development of the Framework was undertaken through an extensive consultation process. Initially, a discussion paper entitled, Pathways of Recovery: Relapse Prevention – A discussion paper on the role of relapse prevention in the recovery process for people who have been seriously affected by mental illness, as well as a shorter Summary Version, was developed through consultations with consumers, families and carers, and service providers, as well as a review of the literature, research and practice in the area. This discussion paper subsequently formed the basis of a national consultation around the issue of relapse prevention. Consultations were held in all States and Territories and submissions were invited from over 50 relevant organisations.

The methodology and major findings of the national consultation are documented in a separate report and the discussion paper has been updated to reflect comments that were received during the consultation process. The final documents are listed below, and readers are directed to these to understand the context and issues relevant to development of the 4As Framework.

  • Pathways of Recovery: Preventing Further Episodes of Mental Illness (Monograph) - this is an updated version of the original discussion paper;

  • Pathways of Recovery: Report of the National Consultation on Preventing Further Episodes of Mental Illness.