The mental health of Australians 2

8.4 Service use

Page last updated: May 2009

Over half (58.6%) of people with any form of suicidality used health services for help with their mental health problems in the previous 12 months (table 8-8).

Over two thirds (68.0%) of people who reported making a suicide plan used services in the past 12 months. This was a much higher level of service use than found in the general population (11.9%) and almost twice the service use found in people with 12-month mental disorders (34.9%).

Nearly three quarters (73.4%) of people who reported making a suicide attempt used services for mental health problems. Conversely, one in four (26.6%) people who made a suicide attempt did not use any services for mental health problems.

Table 8-8: Service use by type of suicidality

Table 8-8 is presented as a list in this HTML version for accessibility reasons. It is presented as a table in the PDF version.

Percentage of service use by suicidality:
  • Suicidal ideation - 59.1
  • Suicide plans - 68.0
  • Suicide attempts - 73.4
  • Any suicidality - 58.6

Note: Any suicidality is lower than the sum as people may have reported more than one type of suicidality.