The entry process to the MHS meets the needs of its community and facilitates timeliness of entry and ongoing assessment.

Suggested evidence


The intent of this Standard is to ensure that entry processes to the mental health service (MHS) are made known to the community it serves and that entry processes are efficient.

Whenever possible the MHS should access the consumer's previous health record to eliminate duplication.

Documented entry policy and process (Criterion 10.3.1)

The MHS should have a documented entry policy and procedure which includes but is not limited to:
  • the system of on call, entry and assessment

  • ensuring the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) persons, religious/spiritual beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, physical and intellectual disability, age and socio-economic status are addressed in the entry process

  • the use of interpreters

  • assessing the specific needs of the consumer in terms of the type of services they need.
If the MHS cannot provide appropriate services to the consumer, alternative arrangements are made to facilitate a smooth transition of care to a more appropriate MHS.

Suggested evidence

Evidence that may be provided for this standard includes:
  • treatment, care and recovery plans
  • policies and procedures:
    • referral process
    • triage
    • entry process including inclusion and exclusion criteria
    • safe transport.