The MHS is accessible to the individual and meets the needs of its community in a timely manner.

Suggested evidence


The intent of this Standard is to ensure that access to mental health services is reasonable and equitable.

After hours care (Criterion 10.2.3)

Information should be available about how consumers can access after hours care.

Evidence of efforts to provide after hours emergency contact information for consumers includes:
  • information pamphlet with after hours emergency contact numbers and location of after hours mental health services in a format that is understandable to consumers and carers.

Physical access (Criterion 10.2.4)

The MHS should have clear signage, disabled access and sufficient waiting areas.

The MHS transport assistance policy and procedure should outline options for accessing assistance based on individual consumer needs and risks.

Suggested evidence

Evidence that may be provided for this standard includes:
  • consumer survey results
  • information sheets/brochures/posters
  • clear signage, visual inspection of physical entry points
  • data on waiting times
  • use of technology such as telehealth
  • evidence of provision of after hours emergency contact information for consumers
  • policies and procedures:
    • after hours access
    • transport assistance
    • dissemination of information on access to the service.