The Australian Government's suicide prevention efforts are not confined to the health portfolio or specific expenditure under the National Suicide Prevention Strategy. The Commonwealth also invests extensively in mental health promotion and awareness, help seeking and suicide prevention through broader education, community welfare, homelessness, employment, and mental health programs and services. Mental health services and programs, broader health initiatives such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health programs, and drug and alcohol support also comprise an important platform from which Commonwealth programs across a range of portfolios contribute to efforts to prevent suicide. Commonwealth agencies administering programs for high risk groups and working in frontline service delivery also provide essential supports to people at risk of suicidal behaviour and protect against risk factors that may be associated with suicidality.

The following sections outline the Government's response to the ten recommendations of the Standing Committee on Health and Ageing's report Before it's too late: report on early intervention programs aimed at preventing youth suicide, grouped against three key themes:

  1. Suicide reporting and statistics
  2. Research
  3. Targeting services for young people