Consumers, carers, and consumer and carer advocacy groups were unanimous in their support for the Better Access initiative. The initiative is highly valued by consumers and carers and perceived as providing improved mental health outcomes. Many consumers and carers reported the benefits that they have realised through services provided through the Better Access initiative as life changing. They feel better, and feel able to take more control over their life; it has improved their life and that of their families. For many consumers with a long history of anxiety or depression, access to psychological therapies through the Better Access initiative has allowed them to gain improvements previously unavailable through their GP, psychiatrist or episodic admissions to a psychiatric hospital. These consumers reported that they are able to return to, or remain in the workforce, and the instances of self harming behaviours have reduced, as have the number of times they have been admitted to hospital because of their mental health problems.

For consumers with higher prevalence disorders who are not able to receive services through the public mental health system, the Better Access initiative provides a rebate for services provided by allied health professionals. Consumers and carers reported that, without this rebate, many consumers would be simply unable to afford and unable to access such mental health services, or at least at such an intensive level. They reported that many individuals with higher prevalence mental disorders simply went without services or were reliant solely on their GP for assistance with their mental health problems.