Central Australia Renal Study - Executive Summary

v Road Map to the Report

Page last updated: 23 June 2011

To fully report findings of the Study, the final report consists of 4 distinct parts:

    • Part 1 Key Findings and Recommendations – Describes the key findings of the Study which form the basis of the major recommendations. An implementation scenario, encapsulating the recommendations, is described at Appendix 1 to the Final Report.
    • Part 2 Final Report – Provides a distillation of the complex technical basis and findings of the Study. Specific cross-referencing to more detailed technical information is provided.
    • Part 3 Technical Report – Describes the methods and findings of the Study in technical depth.
    • Part 4 Technical Appendices – Provides additional technical information around the data collection, data analysis, modeling and literature searches undertaken for the Study.