Stakeholder engagement principles

Principles which underpin the process for successful stakeholder engagement.

Page last updated: 23 November 2015

The following principles underpin the process for successful stakeholder engagement for the Department of Health and our stakeholders. The principles provide a structure to help understand the needs and interests of our stakeholders, and build consistent, open and respectful working relationships. How the principles operate in practice should be considered by all parties in the planning of every engagement activity.

  • Purposeful - we begin every engagement with a clear understanding of what we want to achieve
  • Inclusive - we identify relevant stakeholders and make it easy for them to engage
  • Timely - we involve stakeholders from the start and agree on when and how to engage
  • Transparent - we are open and honest in our engagement and set clear expectations
  • Respectful - we acknowledge and respect the expertise, perspective and the needs of our stakeholders.