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Digital Health

04 May 2017

This section of the site contains information and resources relating to digital health.

Healthcare Identifiers Service

25 March 2015

The Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI Service) has been established as a foundation service for e-health initiative in Australia.

Telehealth Pilots Programme

25 February 2014

The Telehealth Pilots Programme aims to demonstrate how fit for purpose broadband technology enables better access to high quality healthcare services, particularly aged care, palliative care and cancer care, using telehealth services in the home.

Previous Healthcare Identifiers Service Announcements

21 June 2012

Previous ‘what’s new’ announcements on the Healthcare Identifiers Service

eHealth Program Evaluations

20 January 2011

Evaluations of the Health Connect, Managed Health Networks Grants, and Broadband for Health programs