Review report

2006 Review of Australia’s Plasma Fractionation Arrangements

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Full version of the Review of Australia's Plasma Fractionation Arrangements (PDF 1147 KB)

Chairman's letter (PDF 81 KB)

Plasma Fractionation Review Committee (PDF 103 KB)

Executive summary (PDF 196 KB)

Introduction (PDF 115 KB)

Chapter 1 - Plasma and its applications in medicine (PDF 138 KB)

Chapter 2 - Global demand for plasma products (PDF 122 KB)

Chapter 3 - The world fractionation industry (PDF 100 KB)

Chapter 4 - How other countries meet their needs (PDF 97 KB)

Chapter 5 - Arrangements for production and distribution in Australia (PDF 96 KB)

Chapter 6 - Demand for plasma products in Australia (PDF 148 KB)

Chapter 7 - Future supply of plasma in Australia (PDF 216 KB)

Chapter 8 - Regulation of plasma products (PDF 159 KB)

Chapter 9 - Options for increasing competition for plasma fractionation (PDF 120 KB)

Chapter 10 - Conclusions, recommendations and implementation strategy (PDF 97 KB)

Annex A : Exchange of letters forming part of the AUSFTA (PDF 71 KB)

Annex B: Organisations and individuals from whom submissions were received (PDF 45 KB)

Annex C: Persons interviewd by the Review Committee (PDF 58 KB)

Annex D: Major fractionators (PDF 80 KB)

Annex E: Secretariat, clinical advisers and Review consultants (PDF 36 KB)

Annex F: Acronyms and abbreviations (PDF 47 KB)

Annex G: Glossary (PDF 51 KB)

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Plasma Fractionation Review
Australia’s plasma fractionation arrangements were reviewed in 2006 to comply with its commitment under the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA).

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