Pharmacy Trial Program - Trials Advisory Group (TAG)

The TAG has been established as an independent expert advisory committee to provide advice to the Department on the development and implementation of trials under the PTP.

Page last updated: 08 March 2017

TAG Meeting Summaries

Meeting 1 - 22 January 2016

At this meeting, members:
  • Agreed to the terms of reference for the TAG;
  • Noted the interaction of the PTP with other Government health programs, to inform the environment in which the TAG will operate, and potential linkages;
  • Noted the report on the Stakeholder Consultation Forum on the PTP, held on 26 October 2015;
  • Discussed key principles that trial proposals would need to address; and
  • Discussed potential topics for a first tranche of trials.

Meeting 2 - 15 March 2016

At this meeting, members:
  • Received a presentation from the Department on the role of probity principles in the PTP context;
  • Discussed the process and assessment criteria for assessing trial protocols;
  • Reviewed the first tranche of trial proposals, which were then announced by the Minister on 17 March 2016 as follows:
    • Medicines reconciliation service – post-discharge model;
    • Medicine Safety and Adherence Flexible Education (MedSAFE) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; and
    • Pharmacy based screening and referral for diabetes; and
  • Provided comments on the discussion paper, ‘Supporting pharmacist delivery of primary health care services through the Pharmacy Trial Program’.

Meeting 3 - Teleconference on 21 April 2016

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss a trial protocol for pharmacy based screening and referral for diabetes. Following discussion and review by TAG members, members agreed to recommend to the Minister for Health that this trial commence.

Meeting 4 – Thursday 21 July 2016

The main item of business at the 4th TAG meeting was consideration of the 108 ideas that were received from stakeholders in response to the call for trial topic ideas. The discussion of these ideas culminated in the identification of potential priorities for tranche 2 of PTP funding. The Minister for Health was advised of TAG’s views and has agreed to priority areas for trial topics that will form the basis of invitations to apply for tranche 2 PTP funding.

Meeting 5 – Tuesday 20 September 2016

The main purpose of this meeting was to review and discuss the trial protocols for the remaining two trials that comprise tranche 1 of the PTP. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and its partners are developing and managing these tranche 1 trials.
  • Post-Discharge Medicines Reconciliation Service; and
  • Improved Medication Management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through Pharmacist Advice and Culturally Appropriate Services: a trial of the Indigenous Medication Review Service.
TAG members’ comments on the draft protocols were conveyed to the Pharmacy Guild, so that the trial protocols can be re-worked and finalised.

TAG Terms of Reference

Please find attached the TAG Terms of Reference (PDF 40 KB) - Terms of Reference (Word 146 KB), agreed to at Meeting 1 of the TAG.

Trials Advisory Group - Membership

Name of member

Nature of


Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom AO


Pharmacy and national medicine policy

Dr Ian Coombes


Hospital pharmacist

Mr Mark Douglass


Community pharmacist

Dr Tony Hobbs


Primary health care

Dr Shane Jackson


Community pharmacist

Mr Grant Martin



Dr Vlad Matic



Ms Samantha Robertson


Evidence, health advice and governance

Dr Rashmi Sharma OAM


General practitioner

Mr Brett Simmonds



Mr Ian Todd


Community pharmacist

Ms Diane Walsh


Health care consumer

Dr Claire O'Reilly


Health technology assessment

Dr Lynn Weekes AM


Quality use of medicines and pharmacist education



Rural and remote practitioner