Health care providers

Page last updated: 03 March 2017

Skilled health care providers will be extremely important during an influenza pandemic. They will provide care and treat patients with pandemic influenza, support families during anxious times and maintain other essential health services.

Health care professionals, including clinicians, general practitioners, practice nurses, Aboriginal health workers, paramedics and other carers will play an essential role in a pandemic. Their role will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and may vary from location to location. However their role may include educating the public about the risks associated with a pandemic, and basic infection control practices that can be implemented by everyone to reduce the spread of infection.

Health care professionals will be important for surveillance, and might be the first to identify and report cases of pandemic influenza to public health authorities. Other roles during a pandemic may include:

  • Maintaining life saving non-influenza services
  • Treating patients with pandemic influenza
  • Supporting families during anxious times
  • Providing care in the home setting (if appropriate)
  • Providing care in new flu clinics and/or other influenza specific service.
Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants will also educate the public about pandemic risks. They will advise on over-the-counter products for infection control and symptomatic relief, and will dispense prescribed medications.

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