NPS MedicineWise (NPS)

NPS MedicineWise (NPS) was established in 1998 to provide support to health practitioners to improve quality prescribing through education and prescriber feedback. Its goal is to improve the health of Australians through quality prescribing of medicines. NPS focuses on therapeutic areas where it has been shown that changes to prescribing can lead to better health outcomes for consumers.

Page last updated: 10 December 2013

NPS has a particular focus on providing independent information about medicines to prescribers and consumers. It employs evidence-based strategies to educate and inform prescribers about better quality and more appropriate prescribing.

NPS also undertakes education campaigns targeted at consumers that are designed to encourage quality use of medicines within the community. An example of this is the 'Common Colds need Common Sense' campaign, which promotes the need to effectively manage winter coughs, colds and influenza without the use of antibiotics.

Since its establishment, NPS has developed a regional network of facilitators that provides support to General Practitioners in over 80% of Divisions of General Practice. NPS has also exceeded expectations in its achievement of savings to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme by promoting quality prescribing.

NPS coverage is now being expanded through broadening the scope of its activities, so it can extend its support to all Divisions of General Practice and work more systematically with specialists, pharmacists, nurses and hospital doctors.

For more information have a look at the NPS website.

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