Landmark compacts to improve Australia’s health

The Australian Government has negotiated landmark compacts with the health sector, incorporating doctors, pharmacists and the medicines sector. These compacts provide a platform that will allow for the design and implementation of a long-term National Health Plan for Australia.

Page last updated: 13 September 2021

The compacts recognise the pivotal and vital role health professionals such as general practitioners and other specialists, community pharmacy and the medicines sector will play in building a sustainable, patient-focused and world-class health system.

Guaranteeing Medicare and increasing access to medicines

The Australian Government recognises the significant pressures that continue to be placed on the health care system, including the growing burden of chronic disease, an ageing population and growing demand for high-cost, high-tech services and breakthrough medicines.

For this reason, the Government has negotiated landmark compacts with

The compacts are underpinned by a range of shared principles to create a world class health system, transparency in decision making, accountability for reforms, stability and certainty in regards to Government investment.

Together, in partnership with the AMA, with the RACGP, with Medicines Australia, the Pharmacy Guild, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the GMBA, the Australian Government is committed to, working productively to implement an ambitious agenda and delivering greater outcomes for the whole community.