Australia's National Tobacco Campaign: evaluation report volume three: every cigarette is doing you damage

This volume is the third and final report in a series reporting on the National Tobacco Campaign. It focuses on research conducted from November 1998 to November 2000.

Page last updated: 2004

The National Tobacco Campaign, launched in 1997, is primarily targeted at assisting 18-40 year old smokers to quit.

This volume details the significant decline in smoking prevalence since the campaign's inception as well as the success of the campaign's emphasis on the negative health effects of smoking.

This publication is available on the National Library's Australian Government Web Archive.

Volume one of the evaluation reports focused on results from the first phase of the campaign which ran over six months from June-December 1997.

Volume two tracked the effects of the campaign through to the end of 1998 and reported additional data for the whole campaign that was not available at the time volume one was released.

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