Submission from Elizabeth Hamilton to the 2011 Review of the Gene Technology Act 2000

An Individual submission to the Review of the Gene Technology Act 2000

Page last updated: 31 October 2011

Dear Mr Murphy,

I am writing as a concerned Australian of the future of the safety of our food supply with the introduction of GM grains and crops in this country. The true effects of these grains on the human body have not been fully tested and evaluated not to mention the fact that our food labeling laws are very flimsy in labeling GM products.

Scientific reports in the book "Genetic Roulette" by Jeffrey M Smith, gives very scary findings of animals fed on GM grains dying and giving birth to many deformed offspring. Current research showing GM foods are safe are funded my the invested companies themselves so how can they be objective? The same thing has happened to the many organoclorines, which people got very sick from contracting cancer and finally these have been banned in this country. Why should we wait for health problems to appear in our population for us to realize the planting and eating of GM grains is bad for us? Not to mention the contamination of the organic and conventional farmer's crop which has already happen to some farmers here. Recently an organic farmer in WA had his crops contaminated and he is taking legal action but it has ruined his organic status.

The majority of Australians DO NOT want to eat GM products. In face many of our crop buyers are boycotting GM grains which are causing the GM companies to discount their canola by up to $50 a tonne.

Australia is an island in and a unique position to be totally GM free. If Europe and now Peru can be GM free why can't Australia wait a little longer and do more research into the effects of GM foods?

The Journal of Reproductive Toxicology has published a paper by Canadian gynaecologists Aris and Leblanc. They found in pregnant women and their foetuses, evidence of insect toxins produced by GM corn and the metabolites of a herbicide sprayed on the crop. The researchers say: "This is the first study to highlight the presence of pesticides associated with genetically modified foods in maternal, foetal and non-pregnant women's blood."

Also I'm concerned that the CSIRO have covertly planted the first GM wheat in NSW obviously funded by companies such as Monstano. Were we or our families asked or told about this? We now find out after the horse has bolted!! There is no GM Wheat anywhere else in the world which has the potential to contaminate our wheat produce. At present all our bread, pasta and noodles are GM free!


Elizabeth Hamilton

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