Review of the Gene Technology Act 2000 by Anne Goddard

Second submission from Anne Goddard to the Review of the Gene Technology Act 2000

Page last updated: 03 December 2012

Please accept the following information as a supplementary submission further to my earlier submission dated Thursday 9 June, 2011.

Please address the issues below according to your set "Terms of Reference"

"The effectiveness and efficiency"

GM crops pose risks to our health, our environment and our valuable export markets.

Further information as as example as to how Safety Standards for the contamination have failed and this has led to court action where the Company (Bayer) was found by the jury to have caused "tremendous harm to Riceland and the entire industry and awarded Riceland $11.8 million in compensatory damages and $125 million in punitive damages. The jury also found that Bayer was solely responsible for any damages incurred by farmers as a result of the loss of the European market.

As is clearly shown by the above example and the two examples shown in my earlier submission, GE crops have been clearly proven to contaminate neighbouring farmlands (even in trials) and no further plantings of GE crops should proceed in Australia due to these serious risks. Please ensure that these mistakes are no longer allowed to happen by ending all GE trials and plantings here in Australia.

Anne Goddard

Original submission in PDF format (PDF 45 KB)

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