About the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS) Standards fact sheet

Practice Accreditation Standards, guidance material and resources for Practices seeking accreditation.

Page last updated: 18 April 2017

About the Practice Accreditation Standards (the Standards)

There are fifteen Practice Accreditation Standards for the Diagnostic imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS). Accreditation to all fifteen standards is known as ‘full suite’ accreditation, while accreditation to three of these Standards (standards 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) is known as ‘entry level’ accreditation.

Practices entering the DIAS for the first time may choose to be accredited against either the entry level Standards or the full suite of Standards. Practices initially choosing to be accredited against the entry level Standards have a period of two years to achieve accreditation against the full suite of Standards to maintain their accreditation.

Practices awarded accreditation against the full suite of Standards enter the accreditation maintenance program, which requires re-accreditation against the full suite of Standards every four years.

Changes to the Practice Accreditation Standards (from 1 January 2016)

The full suite of Practice Accreditation Standards for the DIAS were originally introduced in 2010. No new Standards were introduced at this time – the changes were primarily to clarify requirements, address ambiguities and inconsistencies and to ensure alignment with the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards produced by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Practices and clinicians providing diagnostic imaging services are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Standards.

The Practice Accreditation Standards for the DIAS are defined in legislation and are included in the Health Insurance (Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation) Amendment Instrument 2015. Earlier versions of the instrument can be viewed on the legislation website.

The standards and guidance material

For further information about the Practice Accreditation Standards or the DIAS please contact your accreditor or contact the Department of Health by emailing the Diagnostic imaging team.

First steps to achieving accreditation

Approved accreditors for the Scheme

There are three accreditors for the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme.

Your practice may choose one of the following accreditors:

Website: HDAA
Phone: 1800 601 696

National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA)
Website: National Association of Testing Authorities Australia
Phone: 1800 621 666

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP)
Website: Quality Innovation Performance (QIP)
Phone: 1300 888 329

Practices seeking further information from the Department of Health may email the Diagnostic imaging team or go to the Information resources page.