Arbovirus and malaria surveillance

Welcome to the Australian Government Arbovirus and Malaria Surveillance Website - an initiative of the National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee (NAMAC)

Page last updated: 03 March 2017

This website is a joint Australian Government, State and Territory initiative, which has been created to assist health authorities in the reduction of arboviral and malarial diseases by:

  • rapid and greater dissemination of national arbovirus and malaria surveillance data;
  • transfer of interpretations of these data and support information between health authorities;
  • aiding early recognition of unusual mosquito, arbovirus and malaria activity;
  • provide access for the general public to arbovirus and malaria surveillance information; and
  • increasing public awareness of the potential mosquito-borne disease risks in their region.

Importantly, this website will draw together and share arbovirus and malaria surveillance intelligence from across Australia, forming a valuable public health tool.

Notifications of Zika Virus in Australia are now reported in the report Summary information about overseas-acquired vectorborne disease notifications in Australia.