Department of Health Annual Report 2016-17

Part 2.2: Entity Resource Statement

Page last updated: 19 October 2017

(A) - (B)
Ordinary annual services1
Departmental appropriation
Prior year departmental appropriation105,209105,209-
Departmental appropriation2655,204619,78835,416
Departmental capital budget39,8289,828-
Receipts retained under PGPA Act - section 74114,459114,459-
Administered expenses4
Outcome 1124,674122,866
Outcome 24,037,5023,962,757
Outcome 318,47518,798
Outcome 41,338,5311,316,086
Outcome 5125,051135,414
Outcome 62,771,1692,742,323
Receipts retained under PGPA Act - section 7443,413-
Payments to corporate Commonwealth entities405,074405,074
Total ordinary annual servicesA9,748,5899,552,603
Other services5
Departmental non-operating
Prior year departmental appropriation1,425-1,425
Equity injections6,5715,3211,250
Administered non-operating
Prior year administered appropriation142,08711,758
Administered assets and liabilities150,53723,486
Payments to corporate Commonwealth entities10,58910,589
Total other servicesB311,20851,154
Total available annual appropriations and payments10,059,7989,603,757
Special appropriations
Special appropriations limited by criteria/entitlement
Aged Care (Accommodation Payments Security) Act 2006720
Aged Care Act 199712,948,343
Health Insurance Act 197322,039,801
National Health Act 195313,754,186
Medical Indemnity Act 200261,952
Dental Benefits Act 2008319,304
Private Health Insurance Act 20075,992,179
Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 – s77576
Total special appropriationsC55,117,061
Special accounts6
Opening balance95,762
Appropriation receipts720,948
on-appropriation receipts to special accounts165,545
Payments made-185,753
Total special accountsD282,255185,75396,502
Total resourcing and payments8A+B+C+D10,342,05364,906,571
Less appropriations drawn from annual or special appropriations above
and credit to special accounts20,948
and credit to corporate entities415,663415,663
Total net resourcing and payments for the Department of Health9,905,44264,490,908

Note: Actual available appropriation represents estimated actual from the 2017-18 Health Portfolio Budget Statements.

  1. Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2016-17, Appropriation Act (No. 3) 2016-17, Supply Act (No.1) 2016-17. This also includes prior year departmental appropriation and section 74 retained revenue receipts.
  2. This includes an amount of $577,000 appropriated in 2017-18 Budget relating to 2016-17.
  3. For accounting purposes this amount has been designated as ‘contributions by owners’.
  4. In 2017 administered ordinary annual services appropriations, $135,447,039.00 of the Appropriation Act(No.1) 2016-17 and $25,561,444.40 of the Supply Act (No.1) 2016-17, were permanently quarantined under section 51 of the PGPA Act.
  5. Appropriation Act (No.2) 2016-17, Supply Act(No.2) 2016-17.
  6. Does not include ‘Relevant Public Money’ held in Services for Other Entities and Trust Moneys special account (SOETM).
  7. Appropriation receipts from the Department of Health and special appropriations for 2016-17 included above.
  8. Total resourcing excludes the actual available appropriation for all Special Appropriations.