Online version of the 2014-15 Department of Health Annual Report

Portfolio Entity-Specific Outcomes

Page last updated: 17 July 2019

Listed below is the Outcome(s) belonging to each Health Portfolio entity in 2014-15. Entities’ performance against these Outcomes is reported in their respective annual report.

Portfolio Entity Outcome
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Improved safety and quality in health care across the health system, including through the development, support for implementation, and monitoring of national clinical safety and quality guidelines and standards.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare A robust evidence-base for the health, housing and community sectors, including through developing and disseminating comparable health and welfare information and statistics.
Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority Improved access to organ and tissue transplants, including through a nationally coordinated and consistent approach and system.
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency Protection of people and the environment through radiation protection and nuclear safety research, policy, advice, codes, standards, services and regulation.
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Protection of the health of athletes and the integrity of Australian sport, including through deterrence, detection and enforcement to eliminate doping.
Australian Sports Commission Outcome 1 Improved participation in structured physical activity, particularly organised sport, at the community level, including through leadership and targeted community-based sports activity.

Outcome 2 Excellence in sports performance and continued international sporting success, by talented athletes and coaches, including through leadership in high performance athlete development, and targeted science and research.
Australian Sports Foundation Limited Improved Australian sporting infrastructure through assisting eligible organisations to raise funds for registered sporting projects.
Cancer Australia Minimised impacts of cancer, including through national leadership in cancer control, with targeted research, cancer service development, education and consumer support.
Food Standards Australia New Zealand A safe food supply and well-informed consumers in Australia and New Zealand, including through the development of food regulatory measures and the promotion of their consistent implementation, coordination of food recall activities and the monitoring of consumer and industry food practices.
General Practice Education and Training Ltd Improved quality and access to primary care across Australia, including through general practitioner vocational education and training for medical graduates.
GPET was closed on 31 December 2014, with essential functions transferred to the Department.
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority Promote improved efficiency in, and access to, public hospital services primarily through setting efficient national prices and levels of block funding for hospital activities.
National Blood Authority Access to a secure supply of safe and affordable blood products, including through national supply arrangements and coordination of best practice standards within agreed funding policies under the national blood arrangements.
National Health Funding Body Provide transparent and efficient administration of Commonwealth, State and Territory funding of the Australian public hospital system, and support the obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool.
National Health and Medical Research Council Improved health and medical knowledge, including through funding research, translating research findings into evidence-based clinical practice, administering legislation governing research, issuing guidelines and advice for ethics in health and the promotion of public health.
National Health Performance Authority Contribute to transparent and accountable health care services in Australia, including through the provision of independent performance monitoring and reporting; the formulation of performance indicators; and conducting and evaluating research.
National Mental Health Commission Provide expert advice to the Australian Government and cross-sectoral leadership on the policy, programmes, services and systems that support mental health in Australia, including through administering the Annual National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, undertaking performance monitoring and reporting, and engaging consumers and carers.
Private Health Insurance Administration Council Prudential safety and competitiveness of the private health insurance industry in the interests of consumers, including through efficient industry regulation.
The functions of PHIAC have been transferred to the Department and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.
Private Health Insurance Ombudsman Public confidence in private health insurance, including through consumer and provider complaint and enquiry investigations, and performance monitoring and reporting.
The responsibilities of PHIO have been transferred to the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman.
Professional Services Review A reduction of the risks to patients and costs to the Australian Government of inappropriate clinical practice, including through investigating health services claimed under the Medicare and pharmaceutical benefits schemes.

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