Online version of the 2013-14 Department of Health Annual Report

Note 18: Compensation and Debt Relief

Notes to and Forming Part of the Financial Statements

Page last updated: 17 July 2019


No 'Act of Grace' expenses were incurred during the reporting period (2013: nil).

No waivers of amounts owing to the Commonwealth were made pursuant to section 34(1) of the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (2013: no waivers).

No payments were provided under the Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration (CDDA) scheme during the reporting period (2013: nil).

No ex-gratia payments were provided for during the reporting period (2013: nil).

No payments were provided in special circumstances relating to employment pursuant to section 73 of the Public Service Act 1999 during the reporting period (2013: no payments made).

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