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Page last updated: 16 January 2014

What is the pathology process? Text description of Figure 1 on the web page Pathology Questions and Answers

(red border) Patient consults medical practitioner - arrow forward
(red border) A request for testing is made by the medical practitioner arrow to box 3 and forward
(red border) Medical practitioner or staff under his/her direction collect specimen and initiate its delivery to the laboratory.
or the patient goes to a pathology collection centre for the specimen to be collected centre for the specimen to be collected - arrow forward
at the approved pathology authority (APA), the specimens are accession registered and channelled to testing areas - arrow forward
The requested tests are performed and reports issued to the requesting medical practitioner - arrow to first red border box and arrow forward
The records of completed tests are submitted to Medicare claims system for translation into Medicare item numbers - arrow forward
The result is itemised invoices are bulk billing claims 'services' as defined by the MBS - arrow forward
Claims processes by Medicare benefits paid to patients or directly approved pathology authorities.